Important reminders and updated running sheet

Please be informed that the wedding reception at Catch Beach Club on Wednesday 6 April will now start at 7:15pm, 45 minutes earlier than previously scheduled.

This is to accommodate some extra special events that have been planned for the wedding reception. Canapés and cocktails will be served from 7:15pm.

The guest running sheet has been updated to reflect this change and can be downloaded on our guest information page.

There are now only 16 days to go. Below are a few important reminders:

What to wear

We have received numerous questions from guests about the wedding day dress code. Guests should dress in smart casual / cocktail party attire for a semi-formal event. Importantly, guests should keep in mind the venue is on the beach and the heat will be an issue. As such, we strongly advise against anything black, suits and neck ties. See our wedding details page for more information.


Your attendance at our wedding is the best present you could give us. A wedding present is unnecessary because your presence with us in Thailand is more than we could ask for. Plus… there is no way we could carry 60 wedding presents back to Australia with us!

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