Guest book

Every wedding has a guest book, where family and friends can leave messages for the bride and groom. Below we have a digital version of a guest book. Please feel free to wite a message to us in the form at the bottom of the page.

Here are some of the messages we have received:



       David Sanza, 30 August 2009


Congratulations to both of you. The site looks great... and the pics look fantastic.

Carl & Pari, 29 September 2009


Congratulations, I'm so proud of both of you. I'm looking forward to the wedding.

Kathy Korjen, 18 November 2009


Wish you both all the best.

       John Sanza, 28 March 2010


I love you both so much and am so happy for the both of you. Loving you both always.

    Lydia Juric, 16 April 2010

Dear Chantelle and Michael congratulations to you both on this special occasion we wish you all the best.

Uncle Tom, Auntie Sally & Stef, 30 May 2010

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