January 2010 Phuket trip reports now available

We’ve just arrived back from our January 2010 trip to Phuket and have now uploaded our individual trip reports to our blogs. Please check out our reports here: (Michael’s blog and Chantelle’s blog).

The highlight of the trip was meeting Jom and JJ from Twinpalms Phuket Resort, who will be co-coordinating our wedding.

Jom and JJ were kind enough to answer our lengthy list of questions we had prepared for our meeting with them. They also gave us a tour of the resort, which included viewing the venues, facilities and rooms. We were delighted to see the impressive design of the resort, especially the highly praised ‘residence’ rooms, which are in fact fully furnished double story apartments with private pools included. Also worth noting is Catch Beach Club, Twinpalms’ much talked about restaurant and bar located on picturesque Surin Beach.

Jom and JJ very generously invited us to a buffet dinner at Catch Beach Club, which they said would closely resemble the dinner on the night of our wedding. We were very pleased with the set up, and would be extremely happy if this was replicated for our wedding.

Also, while in Phuket, Chantelle organised trials for her hair and make up, which was a wise idea considering it took a few trials to get the right look.

Please make sure to read our trip reports. Also, please check out some photos of Twinpalms Phuket Resort: