Michael & Chantelle’s wedding to be broadcast live on Twitter

Anyone with an Internet connection will now be able to keep up to date with all the latest developments as they happen during Michael & Chantelle’s wedding thanks to their live Twitter report of the wedding week.

Family and friends who couldn’t make it to the wedding, and guests who are on the ground in Thailand, will now be able to follow Michael & Chantelle hour by hour through their live tweets which will be broadcast during the entire wedding week.

The idea behind the live wedding Twitter feed will be to allow guests to easily find Michael & Chantelle without having to search the entire island. Michael & Chantelle will constantly update their status with their location and what they are doing. This way guests will be able to easily locate us with a minimal of fuss.

Michael & Chantelle’s wedding Twitter channel is: @MkCsWedding

We will also be using our own hash tag for our wedding, symbolizing our unique event and allowing others to tweet to our online wedding community.

Michael & Chantelle’s wedding Twitter hash tag will be: #Love2011

Guests have a few options for finding our latest tweets. You can view all our tweets on our website at: http://ourwedding2011.com/Twitter.html

Alternatively, you could create a Twitter account and follow us: @MkCsWedding. There are also several Twitter applications like Tweetdeck which you can download to your smartphone to use to follow our tweets.