Planning our engagement party

The invitations for our engagement party were sent in the post in early August and preparations for the big event are well under way.

We have chosen Moroccan restaurant La Paella, located at 217 Sydney Road Brunswick, as the venue for our engagement party.

This superb restaurant will treat our guests to some of the best Moroccan cuisine in Australia, and will include the mouth-watering Tagines that are an icon of the Mediterranean nation.

Matt Preston, the much loved food critic from The Age and Masterchef Australia judge, personally reviewed La Paella and gave it an excellent rating.

“It's an easy place to linger. And linger we do, until we are the last pair there and move to a pavement table to drink sweet, mint tea from ornate glasses and pick at some little squares of orange blossom and semolina cake,” Mr Preston said in his review.

Apart from La Paella’s food, the venue is truly an amazing place. Their set up transports you across the world so you feel as though you are eating in a royal Moroccan tent in the heart of Casablanca.

We are both looking forward to the evening (Saturday 12 September for those of you who forgot) and can’t wait to see you all there. Please contact us if you haven’t already RSVP’d.