100,000 website hits and counting for ourwedding2011.com

Website traffic statistics reveal more than 2600 people from more than 25 countries around the world have visited ourwedding2011.com since it was launched in August 2009, greatly surpassing expectations.

The website has just reached 100,000 hits, with all users downloading a combined total of more than 1.5 gigabytes worth of content from the website.

On average users viewed three pages each time they visited the website, with the most popular pages being: the home page, guest information, Michael’s blog, the love story, media gallery and Chantelle’s blog.

Also, our website proved to be popular with people from around the world. Obviously, the most hits came from Australia, but it was also extremely popular in more than 25 countries around the world. The most website traffic (from countries other than Australia) came from:

  • United States: 17301 website hits
  • Thailand: 8623 website hits
  • Great Britain: 5187 website hits
  • Canada: 3283 website hits
  • Singapore: 2940 website hits
  • Hong Kong: 1791 website hits
  • Russia: 1392 website hits
  • Japan: 1170 website hits

On the right is a table that provides a summary of the website statistics for 2010. Some other interesting website traffic statistics include:

  • 45.3% of users visited the website with a MS Internet Explorer web browser. This was followed by Firefox (20.4%), Google Chrome (17.2 %) and Safari (9 %)
  • 77.5 % of visitors had a Windows operating system
  • Sunday was the most popular day of the week to view our website
  • The most popular search engine key phrases that brought people to the site were: wedding 2011, our wedding 2011, wedding guest information, twin palms Phuket wedding and Chantelle Sanza. Google was the most popular search engine of choice.
  • The most popular referral websites were: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Trip Advisor.

As a side note, according to WebsValue.com, ourwedding2011.com is valued at more than $1000 based on the number of website hits we receive.

We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who has visited our website. It was initially intended as a resource for our guests and has now turned into an information hub for many people considering holidays and weddings in Phuket.

We greatly appreciate your visits and will continue to provide interesting content for you all to view.